Terms & Conditions

We cooperate with the Swedish company AB PAYSON when you pay in our shop. You can choose between the invoice or payment card. If you live outside of Sweden only card payments

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For you, as a private person, the Distance Contracts (see below for withdrawal) and the Consumer, which has strict rules, which means that the law applies even though you have agreed otherwise. For businesses, including sole traders, Sale of Goods Act applies, which is permissive, meaning that agreements between undertakings applies primarily before the law.

We comply with the Personal Data Act (PUL). When you, as a private person, registered and made your order, you agree that we store and use your personal information in our business to best be able to bring our full commitment to you. We protect your information according to PUL, and you have a right to access the data and to have them deleted if you so wish.

Should any conditions be found invalid according to the provisions of Swedish or European law, this should not mean that purchasing a whole will be invalid without the invalid condition must then be replaced with an equivalent legal text.


If you are under 18 must have parental permission. Such Authorization May be given by a parent sends Their explicit permission to us by e-mail. All false orders are tracked and reported to the police, and if we suffered economic damage, we will claim damages.

Payment and delivery

When you put items in the cart and go to checkout, clear the payment method that applies, if the prices are inclusive or exclusive of VAT and the VAT rate as in the given case. On stocked goods delivery will normally be 3-5 working days after your order is placed. Do you hurry with your order specify this when you place your order we will try to arrange this.

In addition to price it may be additional costs for shipping. These are in this case given the shop's cashier. Normally there are no additional fees, but if so it would be clear during the order process.

For bill payment is a credit and the customer receives a credit limit.

In the online store, goods may be marked with the supply indicator. We reserve the right to delete non-deliverable to be from your order with price less the same. If you wish to order another, likvärd be, this is considered to be a new order. If you wish to cancel an item because of delay in delivery, this is possible to do until the product is effected, that the invoice or shipping document has been created.

When you place your order, it appears at checkout the delivery method, which applies. It is your responsibility to make sure that the address you provided when ordering is correct.

About Pyason Invoice   

We offer the payment method "Payson Invoice" in collaboration with Payson AB. Payment terms are 14 days and the invoice will be a charge of 29 SEK incl. VAT. To order by invoice you must be 18 years old and be registered in Sweden and approved in the credit checks carried out at purchase. The invoice will be sent separately by e-mail to the e-mail address provided at time of purchase. If payment we will send you a reminder with a reminder charge of currently 60 SEK will be added. We also charge interest at 2% per month from the due date. For non-payment submitted the case to the statutory debt collection debt collection fee of currently 180 SEK will. Payson reserves the right, in individual cases, refuse delivery and review the client's creditworthiness.

Orders not picked up

It is your responsibility to bail out the shipment at the delivery point within the time stated on the invoice. If you can not receive the package on delivery, or do not pick up your package at the delivery point, sent it back to us, and we may then charge you a reasonable fee for shipping and administrative costs. Not paid the cost, given the requirement for debt collection.


As an individual, you are under Distance Contracts right to cancel your purchase within 14 days. However, you have no right of withdrawal:

  • Be manufactured to your specifications or which would otherwise have been clearly personalized,
  • Being that can not suitably be returned due. health or hygiene reasons if the seal has been broken,
  • Sound or visual recording and computer software with a broken seal / sealing technology,
  • Perfume and the like opened, being that can quickly deteriorate or old,
  • Single copies of a newspaper or magazine (but you are right if you ordered a subscription).

You may check it in the same way as in a physical store, but if the product has been used or handled carelessly, so that it can no longer be sold as new, you will be liable to compensate the online store for the product's depreciation. In order to determine the characteristics of a product or feature you must in some cases, breaking the package, which in this case should be opened as gently as possible and returned together with the goods. Note that you can not cancel the purchase of a product with a broken seal / sealing technology. Also note that by law you should pay for the return shipping costs. The cooling-off period starts the day you received the goods. If you ordered several items or item you ordered is made up of several parts, the withdrawal period starts when you received the final product and the final part of the article. If you regret your purchase the goods must be returned unused, undamaged and unopened packaging / sealing / sealing technology. If you want to exercise your right, follow the instructions under "Support". You will immediately receive a confirmation that we received your message, then we will consider, if you meet the conditions required for the application withdrawal. You will then receive a reply by e-mail from us, in the given case with information on how to return the goods. After receipt of the returned goods will purchase amount will be refunded to you within 14 days from the day we received the notice of withdrawal. Consumer Service form for the exercise of the right of withdrawal.


If you are a private person received a damaged product, or if we sent the wrong item, you will need to complain about the goods promptly, and within two months from the time you discovered or should have discovered the error. Complaints The time is at most 3 years depending on the nature of the product and any warranty promise.

If you are employed received a damaged product, or we sent the wrong item, should be returned as soon as possible after you received the product, but no later than 7 days.

It applies to both individuals and companies, the damaged or incorrectly sent the goods to be returned in the same packaging and the same carrier, as it was received, along with a detailed description of the error.

You must then make a complaint through our website by following the instructions under "Support".

If we can not send a new product to you within a reasonable time, we will refund what you paid for the damaged or incorrectly sent the goods.

Compatibility problems often occur between different products, and we therefore recommend that you find out as much as possible before you place your order to avoid unnecessary costs.


We reserve the right to typographical errors, and the errors in information and specifications regarding products and services that appear in our catalog.


Both parties shall be exempt from the fulfillment of the contract if performance is prevented or materially adversely affected by circumstances that the party could not reasonably control or predict. The following and similar circumstances shall constitute grounds for relief where they prevent or impede contract performance: fire, war, mobilization, requisition, confiscation, currency restrictions, general shortage, shortage of transport, strikes, lockouts, power cuts, restrictions in the form of power and defects or delays in deliveries from suppliers arising in such circumstance referred to in this paragraph, or other circumstances outside the party's control, which either prevents or hinders party performance to such an extent that it can not be done except at abnormally high cost.


Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) provides a cost-free process, which individuals can take advantage of the opportunity of the dispute. Our policy is to always follow ARN's recommendations. Disputes between companies is determined by the court.